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Episode #16 - Dr John Grubbström

FAI President of Honour

March 18, 2018 61 minutes Download (MP3)

Dr John Grubbström - FAI President of Honour

In this episode, Adam chats to FAI President of Honour, Dr John Grubbström. John is one of a kind. Intelligent, respectful, committed, fun, and completely addicted to all forms of aviation.

John’s ballooning career started in the early 1970’s and in 1974 he acquired his hot air balloon pilot license. John is not the sort of guy who can just be involved though and his leadership and commitment and it wasn’t long before he became president of his local balloon club John organised the first European Championship in Sweden 1976 and was the event director. In 1979, John was in the organising committee of the World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Sweden and was also its event director.

John was also the president of the Swedish Balloon Federation and for 6 years was the president of the Swedish Air Sport Federation. John loves to fly and has represented Sweden in 9 European, 4 World championships and a further 3 times at the World Air Games. He has also been an official at many international events including World and European championships.

After 10 years serving as Vice President of the World governing body for Airsports the FAI, John became President in 2010 and completed his maximum 3 terms in 2016. He was subsequently awarded the title of FAI President of Honour, a role he fulfils to this day.

John has a host of awards to his name including:

  • Royal Medal of Sweden's Motor Federation – lifetime achievement in aerospace
  • Yuri Gagarin Gold medal 2011 - Federation Aeronautical Sports of Russia
  • Air sport Sweden Gold medal 2011
  • Royal Swedish Aero Club Gold medal 2005
  • FAI Air Sport medal 1998
  • Air sport Sweden balloon achievement award 2003

John is a doctor of medicine and spent many years in charge of emergency rooms at two major hospitals in Stockholm.

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Dr John Grubbström